I support Brittany because she has worked for years to get and keep majorities in the legislature. She is a passionate advocate for education, and she is a relentless champion for our values.
— Senator Steve Cwodzinksi
I support Brittany because I have worked side by side with her at the legislature. She will help us improve the the culture of civility and respect we need to get things done.
— Representative JoAnn Ward
I have known Brittany for many years and am impressed with her creativity, hard work, and dedication to our community. She will make an excellent legislator.
— Golden Valley City Councilmember Larry Fonnest

Community Leaders

Jodi and Norma Wolk
Rick Gravrok
Ken Fox
John and Mary Anderson
Lynn Bolnick
Jeanne and Iver Iverson
Gloria Peck and Eric Forsberg
Kathy and Paul Vaaler
Mim Cameron and Mike Ormond
Amy Blenker and Shahzad Ghaffar
Kip Leonard
Bill Weir
Dawn and Bill Errede
Carole Rydberg
Craig Schultz and Karen Chandler
Nancy Walsh




Elected Officials

Senator Scott Dibble
Senator Steve Cwodzinski
Representative JoAnn Ward
Representative Frank Hornstein
Golden Valley City Councilmember Larry Fonnest
Robbinsdale School Board Chair Patsy Greene

Fmr Representative John Benson
Fmr Saint Louis Park School Board Chair Julie Sweitzer
Fmr Saint Louis Park School Board Member Pam Rykken
Fmr Medicine Lake Mayor Gary Holter
Fmr Medicine Lake Councilmember Ann Holter
Fmr Medicine Lake City Councilmember Bill Leonard
Fmr Robbinsdale School Board Member Tom Walsh
Fmr Plymouth City Councilmember Ginny Black

Saint Paul Vice Mayor Jaime Tincher, fmr Chief of Staff for Governor Mark Dayton